Nestle Toll House … A Forgettable Experience

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized


Today, I stopped by Nestle Toll House to pick up Cookies on the go for my sister who has been craving and bragging about them since forever! I would like to ask everyone who has been or gone to this place, seriously? I mean seriously! I do not understand what all the buzz and rave reviews from fellow bloggers is all about!

I walked into the place today at exactly 5:50pm and left with an order of 20 cookies at 6:15pm.  Lets calcuulate that, and yes 30 minutes! The que had 3 people, the first, a group of 5 girls who all ordered a drink and a cake, and yes each one paid seperately for her order. After that, a bold headed man was in line and was frustrated for the long wait as I was, and was asking the Cashier to Speed the slow service up with a hand gesture from behind the 5 ladies. The Cashier decided to make the que wait even longer as he tried to cool the situation with boldy by making lame jokes but boldy didnt understand, and for a good 30 seconds, the boldy and the cashier were going back and forth trying to communicate something unimportant to anyone in line which just kept getting longer and longer.

My turn comes, I place my order. 12 cookies for my sister, and 8 cookies for my in-laws.  The cashier took litterally 3 minutes to understand what I was trying to order and passed the order to his colleague who was not better at all! She started placing the cookies in a small bag and suddenly decided to go for a bigger bag.  She got the “MENGASH” and started bending her head into the bag and tried to catch the cookies she placed in the small bag and shift them to a bigger bag.  Yes, it looked like I was watching Mario Balotelli trying to put his Warm Up Vest on during Man City’s game which headlined months ago. She kept on missing the Cookie, or not catching it properly so she decided to call someone to HOLD THE BAG while she placed her MENGASH inside and pulled the rest of them out!

To add insult to injury, when the lady was done, after being assisted by her deputy retard, she went on to tell me is this what you ordered? My response, was “No, and I am not happy with this delay from every single staff member which I communicated with to get my 20 cookies! It seems that the employees do not even know the name of the cookies which the Cashier types on the receipt as the Cashier had to let the Que hold in order for him to complete my order himself after the fiasco of his team and KARMA of his bad jokes struck back!

All the above took 30 minutes.. for 20 cookies.. 

I wish the Cookie would have taken all this frustration and extremely disorganized staff experience away, but all I have to say is that if you do ever sit in their beautiful seating Area, dial 1888666 or 1888333 and order a Cookie from Hardeez or KFC, other than that it might reach before Nestle Toll House prepare your Order, I guarantee you that it will taste better!

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  1. apedestrian says:

    Not sure about the Hardeez and KFC cookie comment :) but I do agree that this place is way too overrated. The cookies don’t even taste fresh. The whole fuss is purely because its a new location, hang out place, meeting point. The staff are too overwhelmed and not organized. Overall, the Nestle cookie dough that you buy at any supermarket and bake it at home tastes much better than this.

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